Relationship Issues

Dealing with relationship issues is similar to couples’ therapy and the issue is typically communication. It’s about exploring boundaries, whether they’re your own boundaries that need help or the other person, and determining if we’re working within a healthy system or not.

Sometimes, people are struggling with relationships, but it turns out that they’re not the problem. Rather, they’re trying to engage with an unhealthy system, and then it’s about setting healthy boundaries.

Whether it’s couples, families, coworkers, or friends, relationship issues are about looking at a mix of problems involving communication, boundaries, codependency, enabling, and how to help build someone up so they can be their best selves. It’s about trying to help people determine what their values are and how to live a life surrounded by people and things.

If one or more of your relationships is struggling due to your own or their substance use, we will start there and try to unravel what is is you or they are struggling with that makes the abuse of the substance necessary

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