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My Experience
I spent the first 10 years of my career focused on addictions. It’s my belief that every person who suffers from an addiction is trying to find some kind of relief for some kind of pain in their lives. When people are suffering and trying to find some kind of relief, the most important aspect is compassion. The complexity of addiction treatment lies in craftily combining compassion with accountability.

What’s the root cause?
It’s important to assess what the person’s underlying issue(s) are and address those because the substance or whatever compulsive behavior it is that the person is engaging in, is typically a way to get relief from something else.

I can be the first stop to help someone make a decision about whether or not they need a higher level of care, harm reduction or supportive accountability.

Harm Reduction
In harm reduction, if the person’s addiction (be that of substances, gambling, porn, or internet shopping, etc) isn’t affecting their life to the point where it’s debilitating and getting in the way of other psychosocial factors, a harm-reduction model may be appropriate.

In this case, we are assessing the ways a person can continue to either use or engage in their compulsive behavior, but at a reduced rate to where it’s causing less harm or where they are able to still function well on all psychosocial parameters.

People who are in recovery need support, accountability, and reminders to continue to do the things that help them stay in recovery as far as mental, physical, and spiritual health.

I play the role of a coach who’s helping them get back out in the field. They have to launch back into the real world and it’s important to have someone who can help keep them on track.

The process of recovery is returning back to life in a sense. This can be difficult and scary to do alone and many people need support and counseling to do that.

I can provide that service of helping them walk back into life in a new way because they’re getting to know themselves in a different way, and it’s beautiful to watch.

I also provide monitoring services via SoberLink.

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