Mindfulness Practice

Mindfulness is at the core of all the work I do in my practice. It is less of a therapeutic modality and more of a skill.
Mindfulness Practice is about living in the moment and noticing our surroundings without judgement. Though mindfulness is actually pretty simple, removing judgement can be very difficult. Most of us run around with a committee of internal critics, constantly judging ourselves.

With mindfulness, we learn to swim with the wave or sail with the wind, so to speak. We work toward accepting our surroundings as they are and, hopefully, begin to feel more comfortable with ourselves.

Mindfulness can be a part of every kind of therapeutic approach that I use because it’s mindlessness that gets us in trouble. Mindlessness becomes a relapse of substance abuse or food issues, for example. Mindlessness is believing every thought that enters your mind (allowing negative self-talk to perseverate and then starting to believe it). Mindlessness is allowing others to treat you in ways you do not want to be treated. The more engaged you are with the present, the less likely you are to engage in mindless behaviors.

Many confuse mindfulness with meditation. Mindfulness can be a part of a meditation, but mindfulness is not meditation. It’s important for people to understand that mindfulness is something that can be done anywhere or anytime.

Mindfulness is at the core of my practice, whether I’m utilizing Somatic CBT, MI, or EMDR Therapy.

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