Any survivor who has suffered from emotional, physical, or sexual trauma or (heard or saw) a life threatening situation, may have resulting trauma symptoms. It might not always amount to post traumatic stress disorder, but there can either be symptoms that are similar to or leading up to PTSD.

The most important aspect of trauma informed care is not taking a stance of “what’s wrong with you?” but coming from a perspective of “what happened to you?” The first step is having a kind and compassionate approach and really letting you know that whatever happened is more than likely not your fault.

Trauma presents as either hypoarousal or hyperarousal. Hypoarousal is when someone is numb, distant, or cut off. With hyperarousal, they’re overwhelmed all the time, anxious, not present, maybe impulsive, defensive, and reactive. With trauma care, we’re trying to get you back to your regulated self. We want to get you into your optimal arousal zone where you’re tolerable, able to recognize both your time and space orientation, and capable of integrating new experiences and information. I do this with Somatic Interventions, EMDR and Mindfulness Practice.

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